This comprehensive course takes you on the journey to launching a business in the municipal (local) and state government contracting space. While some of the information in this course will be applicable to federal contracting, our focus remains on putting you in the best position to sell to local governments across the United States. In this self-paced course, you will go from "just an idea" to being in a winning position to sell your products or services in the government contracting space.

Welcome, I'm ChanceƩ

Over 11 years ago, I left my job as an environmental engineer in corporate America to co-found a consulting firm specifically focused on servicing the needs of local and state governments. Having had no experience as a consultant prior to this, there was certainly a learning curve.

Throughout this decade we have generated millions of dollars of revenue, built incredible teams, and represented our industry on the national and international stage.

Since the beginning I have taken note of some of the things that would have made this journey which easier. Through this course, I am sharing what I have learned with you. There is no need to struggle when I can help you build the foundation and launch your business.

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